SAP Community Programs

SAP Champions

SAP Champions are top contributors to the SAP Community serving as distinguished leaders and upholding community ideals and spirit. Through their insights and expertise, SAP Champions are dedicated to helping members maximize their SAP community experience.

SAP Mentors

SAP Mentors are top influencers representing customers, partners, and consultants. They provide feedback on SAP technologies and strategies by participating in a global advocacy program that recognizes exceptional, high-value members of the larger SAP ecosystem.

Developer Advocates

The SAP Developer Advocates’ mission is to help developers be successful. We do that by engaging with the community, and creating and presenting content designed to help developers discover, understand and adopt SAP technologies. Our aim is to maintain communications in both directions, to understand what developers need to know, listen to what developers have to say, and represent what we hear back into SAP product development.

Coffee Corner Discussions

These discussions cover a variety of topics guided by SAP Community members.