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Free Access to Select SAP Software
Thriving in the new normal
Learn effective ways to work remotely and manage your well-being.

Digital Learning
Offering innovative, interactive educational content consolidated through openSAP.

On-Demand Training
The Remote Readiness and Productivity Academy provides learning paths to establish best practices in remote work.

Ongoing global challenges have become a pressing catalyst for SAP customers to galvanize their transformation efforts. The spotlight is on developing a resiliency that goes far beyond the underlying infrastructure and its move to the cloud. It is all about changing the way companies adapt to new digital business models and drive secure, efficient, intelligent automation.

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Shop the SAP Community Online Store!

At the online shop you can buy SAP Community branded material for your own use. It’s very easy to find and use because it’s part of the already existing SAP Merchandise Shop. Have a look and choose the item you like most.

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