SAP Community Tutorials

SAP Community tutorials provide valuable insight into navigating and participating in the community each time you sign in. Be sure to take the general community tour and check this space for more tutorials to come on blogging best practices and more.

Tour the SAP Community 2023

Tour the SAP Community to familiarize yourself with community guidelines, discover how to get the most out of your membership, and earn the Tour the SAP Community 2023 badge.

Ask and Answer Questions on SAP Community

Want to ask questions on SAP Community, but not sure how to start? This tutorial will help you get to know the Questions and Answers section, processes and guidelines, so you can more easily gain and share knowledge.

Writing and Publishing Blog Posts on SAP Community

By taking this tutorial, you'll discover how to prepare and manage your blog posts on SAP Community, get tips for better blogging, and learn how to interact with readers. You'll also earn the Blogging Savvy badge.

Update and Maintain Your SAP Profile at

By taking this tutorial, you'll explore, set up, and manage the sections of your SAP profile ( You'll also earn the Profile Savvy badge.