Community Resources

Get started on the new SAP Community! Stay up to date with the latest Community news, projects, and features. Find out how to blog, ask a question, all about tags, and more. Learn how SAP Community, the social network for SAP professionals, changes the way thousands of SAP users work every day.

Getting Started

SAP Community is an inclusive and receptive environment where all individuals are welcome to seek help and exchange knowledge about SAP software and solutions. Here's how to begin your journey.

Community Support

SAP experts are here to assist you. Learn how to seek technical support for SAP Community, report bugs, get help with moderation-related issues, make general inquiries, and share improvement requests.

Questions and Answers

Looking for solutions to your issues? Then learn how to search for answers, phrase questions that attract responses, and apply tags that target the experts who possess the knowledge necessary to help you.


Blog posts allow members to share their knowledge and views through technical articles, personal insights, product information, business trends, and event information. Find out how to become a blogger.

Rules of Engagement

SAP Community participants should be respectful, supportive, and professional. Get to know the rules that all members should follow, as well as the actions that could lead to the removal of a member's content.


Moderators ensure that SAP Community remains a professional source of information, and global moderators mediate conflicts related to moderation activities. Learn about the various moderation responsibilities.


The SAP Community reputation program encourages quality contributions, thanks members for participating, and showcases expertise. Discover how you can gain recognition for your community contributions.


These answers to frequently asked questions provide information about profile privacy, account settings, and related topics. Learn how to protect and personalize your SAP Community experience.

Community Videos

Need quick instructions on how to get the most out of membership? Take the SAP Community tour and browse these brief videos to learn about the best tips and tricks for getting the most out of SAP Community -- covering profile settings, blogging, Q&A, and more.

All About Tags

Metadata powers the organization and discovery of information in SAP Community. Discover how applying tags allows community content to be retrieved and aggregated throughout the SAP digital experience.

Missions and Badges

Members can complete missions and earn badges for certain achievements, such as onboarding in the SAP Community, generating buzz through blogging, and answering questions correctly. See what awards are available.

SAP Community Voice

SAP Community Voice is a twice-monthly newsletter that highlights the best of community content, including blogs, member of the month, news features, tutorials, and more.

SAP Universal ID and Account Merge

SAP Community members with multiple profiles may be able to merge their S- and P-user accounts through their SAP Universal ID. These resources provide information about account merge as well as answers to frequently asked questions about SAP Universal ID.

Monthly Active Recipients According to the DSA

Average monthly active recipients of the service in the Union (average over the period of the past six months) according to Article 24 (2) of the Regulation (EU) 2022/2065 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 19 October 2022 on a Single Market For Digital Services and amending Directive 2000/31/EC (Digital Services Act): 499,510