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Example Job Classification Codes

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We are looking to implement a complete re-do of our job classification code structure/convention and seeking input on approach.

Could you please provide some examples of actual codes that you use and what the code is comprised of? Also any thoughts what works well and not so well.

An example of a code we have is - PJM.ASPM (Project Management Job Family . Assistant Project Manager)

Thanks in advance

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As the codes are confidential for quite a few customers, don't expect a list anytime soon.
Generally speaking I would however discourage using a . in a code (or any special character for that matter) and I'd not recommend that many letters (and the size of the company also has an impact on what should and should not be done with the job codes as smaller countries could even choose to take the description as code).

Customers commonly rather work with set combos of letters (max 2 or 3, ideally 2) and numbers to ensure it doesn't look too long and off.

- Job Function name = Management (Code = MA)
- Level = 14
- Job Code name = Assistent Manager

Code for job code is then MA14AM

This consistency in amount of letters/digits for each thing make it a lost easier as well in formulas (in stories) / business rules to dissect which things the job code is linked to.