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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Because of the COVID-19 restrictions, most of us are working from home. In doing so, I guess we all face the same practical challenges when it comes to combining our working and family lives. But besides these, I bet we all miss our Ms. and Mr. Expert. In this blog, I will tell you all about why I miss them so much.

The Challenge

Every team has one. Some even have more than one. That has always been the case for every team that I have ever been part of. So, although I am fairly new on my current team, I bet that there are a few on this one as well. I just haven’t found them yet. And because of the COVID-19 restrictions, this has become harder.

First, let me explain to you who I am talking about. I am referring to Ms. and/or Mr. Expert. The colleagues in your team that you cannot do without. You can always rely on them to help you out when you are stuck with a certain task. They seem to know everything about the business processes, rules of engagement and the applications you have to work with.

And let me be clear, it is not just newbies like myself who turn to them for help. Everybody needs them sometimes. Simply because you forgot how to do something. Or because they are just really good with business applications. They keep track of all the changes taking place in them as well, so they can easily guide you through the process. And they just simply love to help you out.

But now they are gone. Because of COVID-19 office lock-down, they no longer sit next to us. They aren’t even in the same building anymore. And although I know that everybody is just a skype message, ping or telephone call away, it feels harder than before to reach out to them. Because of this, it takes me longer to fulfil some of my tasks. Simply because I need to dig up a manual or work instruction, instead of turning directly to one of my colleagues to get help or directions. And I bet I am not the only one struggling with this.

Car Navigation

Why is it that essential process and application support most of the times is still delivered through a people’s network? Like in the old days. As if the helpdesk isn’t busy enough and would love to answer these (avoidable) how-to questions from the users.

Compare this to driving your car to a new destination. You would simply turn on the car navigation or us the maps app on your smartphone, right? You most certainly would not ask someone to come along with you in the passenger seat and use a city guide or hard-copy map to help you reach your destination.

Car navigation

The Answer: Let’s Digitize Ms. and Mr. Expert

Wouldn’t it be great if we could just digitize al this knowledge that Ms. and Mr. Expert have? If we could make it easily available, let’s say with the click on a button, in the context of the business process you are working on and from within the application itself? Just like in the car, this navigation would guide me to my destination. Actively alerting me on traffic jams – or process changes – that lay ahead. This would greatly improve my production since it avoids me having to look for directions or reach out to Ms. and Mr. Expert.

Luckily, at SAP we can help you to create this ‘applications navigation system’. SAP Enable Now helps you to easily create, maintain and deliver performance support to your users. Across the desktop, not just for SAP applications. Users will be able to help themselves when needed by using the digitized knowledge assets that are available from within the application. It will also help to speed up the adoption of new or changed business processes. And since changes are coming to us more rapidly, with all these software updates from the cloud, this is becoming even more important.

This will surely help to overcome the absence of or reliance on Ms. and Mr. Expert during and after COVID-19.