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My name is Jyotika and I am certified Employee Central consultant.

We have read birthday mailer via Integration. Recently, we got a chance to play around in Employee Central, which was possible with guidance from experts Prasanna and Dhruv.

Below are steps to be followed-

  1. Create a field in Employment Details (as mails can not be triggered with information in Biographical Information)

  2. Create a rule for fetching date from Biographical Information to Employment Details.

  3. Create a rule for mail trigger on birth date.

  4. Year end activity.


  • Create field in Employment Details-  

Navigate to Admin Center--> Manage Business Configuration. In employmentinfo section,                   create a custom-date field labelled as 'Birth Date' and click on Save.

Navigate to RBP to give applicable permissions.

  • Create a rule for fetching date from Biographical Information to Employment Details- 

Navigate to Configure Business Rules

Please note that Year of Birth is set to 'Today' as when the date is <date_of_birth><month_of_birth><year-today-eg- 2018> then mail will be triggered.

Navigate to Manage Business Configuration to place the rule under employmentinfo-

  • Create a rule for mail trigger on birth date-

To create a rule, we first create the message which would be triggered and also the                             stackholder(s) to whom this mail shall be triggered.

For message, navigate to Manage Data-->Create New-->AlertMessage.

For workflow, navigate to Manage organization,pay and job structures.

This mail may trigger to self(employee), manager or HR team. Mention the stackholders                      accordingly in CC role ONLY.

For rule to trigger mail, navigate to Configure Business Rules-

when the date and month of birthday is as on 'Today' , the mail triggers.

Navigate to Admin Center-->Manage Business Configuration to place this rule under employmentinfo

  • Year end activity-

As part of Year End Activity, Employment Details shall be imported with custom Birth date as <Date of Birth>/<Month of Birth>/<Next Year>.

For example, 02/09/2019- to be updated as on Dec 2018 year end activities.

With this, as system gets date of birth, month of birth and present year as today's date, email would trigger without integration!


Hope this helps.