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SAP Fiori App Reference Library

Hello, I would like to download data from the "fioriapplibrary" in French. Indeed, I succeeded in extracting data but only in English. Is it possible to download all the "FIORILD" and "App Name" in French? Thank you.

LMS Report

Hi Team, we want to get a report for LMS to recognise the counts of unique active users who had logged into LMS module month on month for the years 2022 and 2021.

Build service failed community edition

Hi all,Are there issues with the build service today? I updated my web app last week no issues. After a small update today, build service failed. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.Runtime version: 4.9.148;AB version: 2.0.0-alpha.1COMMAND:/usr/...

ABAP Auto Complet in Eclipse

While typing "LOO" the autocompletion suggests "LOOP", and than pressing on Tab complete it to "LOOP" and suggests "LOOP AT", and than another click on the Tab keyboard complete it to "LOOP AT",But... no completion for " LOOP AT ... ... ... ENDLOOP."...

ABAPDos by Member
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Process Documentation Template SAP Signavio

Hello, I can see that a modeller with access to SAP Process Manager can print/download a Process Documentation Template for a process/diagram. Is there also an option for the Process Documentation Templates to be printed/downloaded in the SAP Process...

Stop alert message

HelloI have a small issue when starting SAP through scripts from Windows. I encounter two alert messages, and the scripts pauses until I click the OK button or green checkmark. How can I prevent this from happening or what line of code should I add t...

JonaSan by Member
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