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XML Length Limit

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Hi Experts:

I wonder is there any limit of XML length during PI interface processing.

I have an RFC-PI-SOAP interface which transports a large table that over 60M. Since the interface was triggered by an external system, there is no such an operation like dividing the table into small entity for several times of sending. I also found out the max request size of ICM http in our PI and SAP system is 100M, which is totally larger than the table data.(Learning from Max XML length of XI)

However, when the external system request for the table data, they got an error like: 'XML document structure must start and end within the same entity' or 'element type must be terminated by the matching end-tag',

which apparently shows the end part of the xml data was missing.

Please give me some advice to solve this problem, thanks so much.

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There is no such limit for XML. When you getting error, i mean in CC or transformation?

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Hi Rai,

Yes you are right that XML is not limited, the problem is how the WS Consumer parse the response.


Hi Joy,

Since integration is moving to Cloud Platform- CPI which could be better option in handling these large volume files 🙂

Coming to PI if a large file size is processed it is considered a Long running job and creates a heap dump and SOAP Threads gets occupied with maximum and message gets stucked with status 'Delivering' or 'To be delivered'.

To avoid these kind of issues there is methods to handle for example: additional java server nodes for parallel processing, web dispatcher for load balancing, single queuing(max parallelism receiver) with doesn't impact other SOAP related interfaces, dedicated Decentral PO engine to handle high payload messages etc.

You can test the scenario in Pre-production with request file size of 10M and increase gradually(<50M). Also it is based upon your database, hardware, application memory as well.

Note: I'm expecting valuable suggestion from other experts as well. Thank you 🙂

Thanks and Regards - Rajesh PS

Hi Rajesh,

It's really nice to see your advice, I'll try to comprehend CPI if I got time and chance(Actually I am an ABAP developer).
As for my problem, we give the same interface to other WS Consumer for testing the error, and it turns out that all other WS Consumer getting the right response, everything works fine.So we believed that the problem isn't on the SAP PI side or ECC side.

Still very grateful for your answer 🙂


Hi Joy,

Is this SOAP <-> PI>RFC synchronous scenario? Looks like the XML is not well formed and structured correctly to process the Bulk xml data and getting chunked due to size.

Ideally you can inform the WS Consumer to set up the 'multipart.max-file-size' or 'multipart.max-request-size' during the API POST instead of triggering a Bulk xml data of 100 MB. Also check if the WS consumer is requesting a correct well formed XML to PI.

Thanks and Regards - Rajesh PS

Hi Rajesh.

Thanks so much for your professional advice!!

Yes this is a synchronous scenario. And I wonder if the WS Consumer haved set up the 'multipart.max-file-size' like 50M, will the interface process (size over 60M as I metioned before) complete successfully? Thanks a lot.