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TOC between two different version system

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Hi Experts,

We are in upgrade. We closed our productive system ( Ex: HSD) and currently doing our fixes and developments in the maintenance system (Ex: MSD). Sooner, once the upgrade is done, our Basis team is asking us to copy all the development changes performed in MSD manually to be copies to PSD since both the versions are different i.e., HSD is 2023 version and MSD is lower one.

Since we have a huge development objects (both WB and Cust) , going by manual approach it takes time, so would like to know using Transport of copies process will be achievable or will it affect since the system versions are different.

I noticed TRs are not versionized (314956 - Transport requests are not versionized), so I understand going by ToC can be achievable.

Please let me know if my understanding is wrong and the reason why can't we go with ToC approach here.


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You are not very precise about the versions...

You can transport from lower version to upper version without problem (except rare cases mentioned in the SAP notes), it's unrelated to the types of transport requests.

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Transport Requests do cause versioning Note 314956 only applies to 40B systems. From over 20 years ago.

I have frequently ToC'd between systems on different versions. I've also transported Transport Requests between systems on different version. You just have to select the Options tab when you come to import the transport, and choose Ignore Invalid Component Version.