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External source integration in workflow module

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Hi all,
I am currently working on SAP workflow module. I have created a Business partner form using SAPUI5. There are so many fields with combobox and value help type. I need to populate the external source values in the fields. How can I configure the settings for integrating the external source in my workflow module ui. I have used a managed app router configuration in my workflow module. I can share the steps that I have done till now:

1) Configured manifest.json file by adding the uri:
"dataSources": {

"mainService": { "uri": "/V2/Northwind/Northwind.svc/", "type": "OData", "settings": { "annotations": [], "localUri": "localService/metadata.xml", "odataVersion": "2.0" } } },

2)Added route configuration in xs-app.json file

"source": "^/NorthWind_Dest/(.*)$", "target": "/$1", "destination": "Northwind", "authenticationType": "none" },

3)Created two resources in the resources section of mta.yaml file

- name: default_connectivity

type: org.cloudfoundry.existing-service parameters: service: connectivity service-plan: lite- name: default_destination type: org.cloudfoundry.existing-service parameters: service: destination service-plan: lite
//and added in the workflow module under requires
requires: - name: default_destination - name: default_connectivity

4)In the controller function, I have called that inside an ajax function.

var appId = this.getOwnerComponent().getManifestEntry("/");

var appPath = appId.replaceAll(".", "/"); var appModulePath =; console.log("appModulePath",appModulePath)
$.ajax({ url: appModulePath+"/NorthWind_Dest/V2/Northwind/Northwind.svc/", method: "GET", async: false, success: function (result, xhr, data) { console.log("data",data)
} })

These configurations I have done. The problem I am facing now is I am getting File not found in API call in the network tab. This is the corresponding url after the domain that is calling. Is anyone aware about the issue. Or do I need to add any extra configurations.

Thanks in advance!

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