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DBA cockpit connection cannot be established . BO system, SQL Server,

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Hello Guys

Im running a managed system configuration in solman_setup (solman 7.2 SP9) for business objects 4.2 system with SQL Server 2014, in section 'database parameters of step 'Enter system parameters' the setup finished in green for the DBA cockpit connection status, when I try to save the parameters, I get the following error :"DBA cockpit connection XXX cannot be established".

I already checked at dbacockpit and the system and database are there, the connection test ends sucessfully, also the user for monitor is created in sql server.

The cause of the error is this: SMSS error SET_SINGLE_PARA: SQL 448: invalid collation 'databa'. [WP58][READ_TFLIST].

No lucky finding this on Marketplace or sap fórums.

Already checked this sap notes:

2767546 - MS SQL Server collation error in SWPM
2570573 - SOLMAN_SETUP of a remote database fails with SMSS error SET_SINGLE_PARA
2469883 - DBACOCKPIT setup of a remote database fails

The user running solman_setup has the correct roles assigned: SAP_BC_S_DBCON_ADMIN and SAP_BC_DB_ADMIN_MSS


Marco Valero.

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I have fixed your tags to match the issue you are describing.
the issue is with setup of Solution manager and SQL Server, so its not related to Business Intelligence platform.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Marco Valero

Seems somehow all the SQL scripts are not executed on your target system or something is not supported by the SAP standard scripts.

If this is solution manager system please follow steps mentioned in below presentation.

This document is for Solution Manager 7.1 but still aplicable for 7.2 DBA connection section.

Please let me know if this not work.

Thank you


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I did the following in each Solman app server:

  1. Install Vcredist (2015 - 2019 c++ libraries)
  2. Install ODBC Driver 17 for SQL Server (msodbcsql_17.4.2.1_x64)

Go to step enter system parameters, edit, save, finished ok, then ran the database extractors and also finished fine.

Thanks a lot.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Marco,

I don't have a fix but some SAP Notes that may hopefully hint at something:

1474081 - Is 'SQL_Latin1_General_CP850_BIN2' collation supported for BusinessObjects CMS database ?
1628815 - Cannot resolve collation conflict in DBACOCKPIT

I think above Notes may be useful as Solution Manager seems to be thinking it's a wrong collation setting on BO SQL server.

All the best.

Best Regards,
Kashyap Shah