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Consignment process - Credit Memo for component consumption

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Hey all,

we are trying to integrate the consignment process for scheduling agreements. Customer has BN SCC, foundation option in place.

Following steps are working:

  • Scheduling Agreement sent to supplier
  • Order Confirmation sent back
  • Ship notice sent back
  • Goods Receipt booked and sent information back to supplier
  • Component Consumption done and sent back the information to supplier (supplier sees it)

Last step is not working:

  • Credit Memo for Component Consumption via MRKO (in SAP) is done and sent to CIG
    There it fails with an error that the segment <InvoiceDetailOrder> is missing.

--> Necessary Exits and Parameters are in place on ERP side.

--> As from our understanding, it seems like Ariba/CIG want to have a linkage between the credit memo and the purchasing document (SA in our scenario). The credit memo is not linked to any purchasing document as we understand this process in general.

--> Do anyone else have this problem or has a working consignment process in place and can say a little bit more about this behaviour?

Thanks and BR, Dominik

Detailed error from CIG:

BusinessNetwork response is :"Not Acceptable" and ErrorCode:"406" and ErrorResponse:"Invalid Document:The content of element type "InvoiceDetailRequest" must match "(InvoiceDetailRequestHeader,(InvoiceDetailOrder+|InvoiceDetailHeaderOrder+),InvoiceDetailSummary)".

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Answers (3)

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Thanks for the answers!

andre.miranda: We are trying the process now with a Consignment-PO. Let´s see how it goes!

rdemchuk: The customer creates the credit memos on their side (in most cases). They also have scenarios where the supplier sends them the invoice, but it´s not common. When they create the credit memos, they usually do it on a weekly/monthly basis ... which includes the material consumption in that period.

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just wondering why send a Credit memo (if you have not paid for the inv org). ? The supplier should initiate the Invoice for the Consigned material movement.. At the prices agreed (or updated per supplier). Who is creating the invoice at this point? Your AP team or supplier? Further, a delivery schedule is set for Scheduling Agreements, not sure how or why your using consignment this way.. Sounds like you need to make sure to segregate the two actions. Create a schedule agreement for consumption based on MRP or forecast then create a consignment collaboration process to pay for the PAM used matnr..

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Hello Dominik,

The consignment process through a Scheduling Agreement is something not normal to be integrated; I would suggest performing a test with regular consignment PO and see if the MRKO process work... if you face the same issue, the problem would not be related to the scheduling agreement.

However, I do see an issue with your process, check the process flow below for you to review the process.