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Bug in calculated column node in Graphical Views -> improvement request: calculation steps.

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there is a subtle bug in Graphical View, I was able to find it only through maintenance of existing development.

To reproduce the issue:

1) In graphical View you add a "calculated columns" node.

2) Create a new calculated column "Value_2" based on a base column "Value".

( in the example Value_2 = Value*2 )

3) Then in the same node change the formula of the base column "Value".

(in the example Value = Value * 3)

4) the formula of the new column "Value_2" is not consistent with the new definition of column "Value", but it refers to an older definition of "Value".

5) The only option seems to Delete and Re-Write from zero the "Value_2" column.

Solution Proposed:

being able to define calculation layers in calculation node (every layer identify a "priority") .

for example:


have you experienced this?

I open an improvement request if you want to join / upvote / comment:

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