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Update: Slides Download 

It's time for another SAP Cloud Application Programming Model Customer Roundtable. While the adoption of the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model is more and more increasing also the corresponding eco-system is evolving. A variety open source components were contributed especially for integration of cloud appliations into the SAP Business Technology Platform and for easening and fastening development and prototyping . Ahead of us are the next major versions and the next re>≡CAP 2024 conference.

The last month of the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model were characterized by releasing more and more components that provide integration with SAP Business Technology Platform services and technologies, most of them contributions to the open source world, thus making participation from outside possible.




This is for strenghing the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model eco-system and fastening reaction towards rapidly canging business requirements and needs. The SAP Cloud Application Programming Model is reaching a degree of maturity that - with some proud - we can say that it is became THE programming model for implementing cloud application and services for the cloud. More than hundreds could applications were realized and each day more cloud applications are deployed finding its customers.

As head of delivery of the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model I can announce a highly interesting seventh customer roundtable. All around the topics of BTP integration, community and what can be expected in the quarter. 

Consequently the agenda looks like the following:

  1. Intro & outlook to next phanastic re>≡CAP 2024 conference
  2. News from the CAP-level Service Integration (aka Calesi) with special regards to
  3. What can be expected from next Major Release of SAP Cloud Application Programming Model
  4. Q&A


Meeting Information

When: Wednesday, March 20th, 2024, 11 AM EST | 5 PM CET

Where: Teams Meeting

Meeting Request Download: link


    • All interested partners and stakeholders are invited to join: developers, enterprise architects, technical consultants…


    • The SAP Cloud Application Programming Model team: among others @TheSebastian  & me (as hosts), @Daniel7  (Chief Product Owner), @lilienthal (Head), and further team members, e.g. Product Owners and Architects


    • Anyone interested in learning about the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model and exchange your ideas and feedback with other users and the product team

Looking forward to seeing you there!
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