SAP Cloud Application Programming Model

SAP Cloud Application Programming Model is an integrated framework of tools, languages and libraries to efficiently and rapidly build enterprise services and applications in a full-stack development approach. It guides developers along a golden path of best practices, allowing them to focus on their domain while relieving them from tedious technical tasks.

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Introducing SAP Cloud Application Programming Model - a consistent end-to-end programming model for enterprise services & applications when using either SAP technologies or open source software.

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The Benefits of SAP Cloud Application Programming Model

Focus on your business scenario: Write your business logic and let the framework help you manage auditing, authorizations, configurations, etc., thus creating a more comprehensive and concise code, increasing application adaptability and reducing maintenance efforts. Accelerate your development: Quickly create data models and services that are ready to run. In addition, SAP Web IDE helps you to jump start your development with dedicated templates and tools. Proven SAP experience: The application programming model is based on proven SAP technologies used internally in SAP, such as CDS, SAP HANA, and SAP Fiori. Choose your preferred technology stack and tools: The application programming model offers a recommended set of SAP and open source tools and technologies. However, as a flexible and open framework, it allows you to choose your preferred data source, environment, front end technology, and toolset. Ensure enterprise and cloud qualities: Built-in support for authorization, audit logging, configuration, tenant isolation, and additional required features for cloud native and enterprise applications. Long-term Investment: CDS, which is the backbone of the application programming model, is not dependent on a specific technology or platform. Therefore, development effort of today will remain relevant also for future technologies.