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SAP EWM Cycle Counting algorithm/rules


Hi all,

Currently I am figuring out how SAP EWM determines in which order locations are counted. I have 3 different products in different handling units in different storage bins, in the same activity area. The goods receipt dates are different, but the cycle counting indicators are the same. Furthermore, the products are not counted before in on those storage bins and handling units. When I run a simulation with t-code scwm/pi_cc_create I get can determine the order of creation (first for max 1 product, then for max 2 products, then for 3 products, I assume this is the order of creation). It does not seem to depend on the GR date for which a physical inventory document is created. It also does not seem to depend on the day the warehouse task to that location was confirmed. What is the algorithm or what are the rules behind the order in which physical inventory documents for cycle counted are created? Which parameters are considered by SAP besides cycle counting indicator? Thank you in advance for your help!

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