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SAP EHS Rapid Deployment

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Hi Experts,

I just wanted to understand is there any rapid deployment/pre-configured system for SAP EHS

Client want to reduce the total implementation time for SAP EHS (IHS/OH) & SAP EC.

What is suggested duration for the same ? (Just plain Vanila SAP EHS & SAP EC)

I saw some Rapid deployment for SAP EHS Analytics.

Thanks in Advance


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Swapneel

1.) Answer to your question is: no: to my knowledge there is no "suitable rapid deployment/pre-configured system available (e.G. SAP IDES does have some content and might aid as starting point; but only as a "rough" idea).

a.) regarding use of EHS there is some "Best practise" available which can be used as starting point.(refer to this link:

b.) First of all you need to write down demand of customer and identify starting point:

Begin of july 2012 (something like this) ECC 6.0 EnhPack6 will be available for any SAP customer. This is the "newest" version of EH&S- Documentation can be found in yet. May be it is better to use this recent software version to start the project

c.) Before project start basic processes of customer need to be identified which must be fulfileld so that project will be a success and you have identified the customizing approach or othere stuff which need to be prepared or developped etc

d.) to Use SAP IHS / OH some basic customizing is needed. With ths use of SAP IMG you can collect the activities and try to identifiy how to adapat etc. it

e.) Clearly the set up of this software heavily depends on size of customer (number of users), number of sites (matter of training) and clear scope of project,

Principly a "roll out" approach should be used (start with one site and then go other sites). In doing so any "time" frame between 6 months and 2 years is possible. In most cases 1 year is a "good rough" estimate to fulfill the basic demands etc.

Criteria for the "project length" etc. are (only as an example)

a.) is the whole logistic process done in one ERP system and should SAP EHS be used in the same system?

b.) especially the time neeeded to prepare SAP IHS successfully depends on organization on customer side and support of customer stakaholders"customer organization" etc.

Clearly SAP IHS does have other "problems" in comparison with SAP OH. That means complexity etc. is different and user "type "is different.

May be read first once again


Industrial Hygiene and Safety (EHS-IHS)


Occupational Health (EHS-HEA)

You well get an overview about prerequsitzes and functionality etc.

May be this helps as a starting point.


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hello Swapneel,

As Christoph has explained, there are no preconfigured / rapid deployment solutions available in SAP-EHS area. Rapid deployment for SAP EHS Analytics would be on top of SAP-EHS implementation.

During my experience with Indian clients, if you do not have much scope to be covered in OH (which is generally a case with Indian clients), you will need two separate consultants each for OH/IHS and EC and the tentative time line would be 3-3.5 months at one plant (location). This time lines are for plain vanila implementation.

Hope this information is useful to you.