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PaPM, using function and query based on same function in process doubles numbers in report/query.

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I'm trying to make a very simple process that only consists of 2 functions/activities (a calculation function with a parameter and then a report (query) to inspect the outcome of that calculation function). In the process I include that calculation function as an activity and also the query that uses that calculation function as the input function. When I then try to run the process, all the numbers in the report/query double.

If I add an intermediate view that takes the calculation as input and then give this view to the query as input it does not double the numbers but then it does not work with the parameter anymore.

I encountered this doubling of numbers in other environments also so I'm wondering if anyone would know what causes this and if I can do anything to solve this (without creating this intermediate view function).

Thanks in advance for your help.
Kind regards

Nathan Franck

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Accepted Solutions (1)


Hi Nathan,

The reason behind this situation is because when the Calculation was executed, it generates a Ytable that consist of 2 sets of data. 1 is the Default Data and 1 is with the Process Instance. And the Query function, will read the Ytable itself, when you used it as an Input. Here are 2 options that you can do to address this challenge.

1. Filter via Process ID

-Create 1 Environment Field
-In the Input Tab of your Calculation function, choose (+) button and add the Environment Field
-Maintain the Formula of this Environment field as :l_proc_id
-Reactivate and Run the Calculation Function again with the Process Instance
-Maintain the same field in the Sheet Definition tab of QE and Reactivate

By doing this, when you analyze the data in Query function, you will have the freedom to filter the results with the Process Instance or the result without the Process Instance.

2. Use a Result Model Table

-Create a Model Table containing the same fields as your Calculation
-Maintain the Result Model Table of the Calculation Function
-Run the Calculation with Process Instance and check the Result Model Table

By doing this, you can use the Result Model Table instead as your Query Input.

I hope this answers your question.
Paulo M.

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Hi Paulo

Thanks a lot for your answer! I used the second approach and it worked perfectly Thanks!

Kind regards


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