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SCP HTML5 vs JAVA application

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Hi Gurus,

I've going through the SCP user manual but still confuse between these two.

May I know what's the difference between these two application in SCP?

In what scenario should we use for each application?

If we need an app to consume the data from S4 HANA and Hybris, what type of application should we use? And what if this app need to have integration with bank payment gateway whereby the user can make payment through the app, which type of app is prefered?

Can I call JAVA application deployed in SCP in HTML5 app itself?

I noticed we are only allowed to deploy certain number of JAVA application but there is no limitation for HTML5.




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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Ben

To some extent, the answer depends on what the developers are familiar with. Java developers would obviously be very much at home writing Java applications on SCP, and web/HTML5 developers would feel the same way about writing HTML5 applications.

You would be able to write a browser-based application in both, and you would be able to call HTTP-based services, exposed by S/4HANA and Hybris, in both.

HTML5 applications are client-side, while Java applications run on the server. That's the reason why there's a limit on the number of Java applications, you can run, and not a similar limit on HTML5 apps; the former consumes server-side resources, the latter doesn't (or not to the same degree, anyway).

If a Java application exposes a service of some kind, you can definitely call that from an HTML5 application. If you need access to certain Java libraries, like for instance JCo for calling an on-premise ABAP function module, that would be a way to accomplish that, while still keeping your frontend in HTML5.

With the Cloud Foundry environment of SAP Cloud Platform, by the way, you have even more choice in programming languages and frameworks.



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