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SAML assertion request example

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I'm currently in the process of setting up a POC to allow SSO (web based) with SAML to an AS java (netweaver 7.00).

For this, I need to know what the assertion request looks like that the AS java is sending to the identity provider. SAP is only supporting saml 1.1 with browser/artifact profile for web based SSO, but this is exactly what we need.

The issue I have is the following: according to the documentation of SAP, SAP is following the saml standard. However, the saml assertion request in figure 5 of the following document on the oasis website (comittee that defined the saml standard) does not seem to correspond to the saml assertion request given as an example in the following SAP document on the sdn website (page 9, saml request):

Do you perhaps know which one is correct, is SAP following correctly the saml 1.1 standard (exept the issue mentioned in note 794794) or is the example from the SAP presentation correct? Or am I missing something...

Thanks in advance for the help!

Best Regards

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I found it by setting up the saml test application and using a network sniffer to retrieve the assertion request and the assertion response.