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SAC Master Transaction data problem

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Hi All,

We have developed three sales and finance dashboards. In that, we are using master and transaction data concept and master data is updating frequently. But here, we are unable to update master data frequently. We have used below different possible option but we are not getting proper solution.

  1. Transaction & Master data loading concept – Here, we are linking two different models into story but with that, it is taking too much time even more than 10-15 min. and dynamic measure filter is not supported in blended chart/table which is a primary requirement of my user.

  2. Combine data option in data modeling – If we want to combine master data and transaction data at modeling level, then we are not getting an option of SAP ERP to combine data.

    And showing an error while blending – “we can’t blend more than 30,000,000 cells” (we are trying to combine data with SAP ERP and Google Drive – Microsoft Excel). Here, they are having more than 7 lac rows and 58 columns.

  3. Dimension level id-description maintenance – Here, we are assigning one-to-one relationship between id and description to maintain uniqueness with data. But we are not able to use the latest description of dimension. System is getting conflict with historical data and current data and giving data dumps also.

Vaishali Shah

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