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oDATA Model - getData() - null

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I have big troubles with calling oModel.getData() - I'm always getting null - but the view from which I'm getting the model shows the data, and also in chrome debugger I can see data inside oModel, this is screenshot from my application:

I've tried also debug SAP demo application for purchase approval and there is only one little difference:

sPath shows PurchaseOrderID for my code - which is first column in my collection, but SAP model shows /PurchaseOrder collection - the name of the collection.

Then If I call oModel.getData() - I got model is connected to GW service.

Many thanks Jiri

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Did you try model.oData ? It'd list out the entire data in the model. getData() takes an argument sPath & anyhow getData() is deprecated. try model.getProperty(sPath);

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Hi Sakthivel

Actually I am puzzled by this. I would expect that getData will work to be consistent with JSONModel to get all data.


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