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No module named collections

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Hi Experts,

I've installed TREX 7.0(standalone, win32). I'm trying to enable semantic search by following the document at ''.

In the step 3., when i try to create a .xtm file using

" --input=

<TREX_DIR> opicmapsexampleexample.txt -- output=<TREX_DIR> opicmapsexampleexample.xtm"

(in my case, --input=C:usrsapTRXTRX00exe opicmapsexampleexample.txt --output=C:usrsapTRXTRX00exe opicmapsexampleexample.xtm)

I get the import error, 'No module named collections'.

I searched for '' file in the entire directory where trex was installed(C:usrsap), but found result is zero.

It requires to activate the python activation as given in,


Here, i followed 'Activate the Python extension handler' and in 'Registering the Python extensions' part , I changed "if '0' to '1'" for 'Topic Map' and 'Semantic Search' extensions.

Here're the commands executed in command prompt,


C:Documents and SettingsC5119720>cd C:usrsapTRXTRX00


C:usrsapTRXTRX00>cd C:usrsapTRXTRX00exeextensionsxtm

C:usrsapTRXTRX00exeextensionsxtm> --input=C:usrsapTRXTRX00exe opicmapsexampl

eexample.txt --output=C:usrsapTRXTRX00exe opicmapsexampleexample.xtm

Traceback (most recent call last):

File "C:usrsapTRXTRX00exeextensionsxtm", line 4, in <module>

from testbase import TestBase, TestError

File "C:usrsapTRXTRX00exeextensionsxtm", line 2, in <module>

import os, sys, string, thread, threading, time, fuzzypy

File "C:usrsapTRXTRX00exePythonlib", line 13, in <module>

from collections import deque

ImportError: No module named collections



Please suggest how to get this 'collections' module.



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Answers (1)

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Hi All,

I got the solution for this. I've been executing the scripts without using 'python' keyword. The screenshots given in the document doesn't contain this information and it's relevant for a release lower than 7.0. After adding 'python' keyword before the script name, the error has gone.

Best Regards,