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MDM Java API: Getting Lookup table Record values

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Hi All

I have a Qualified table with a Non-Qualifier with Type Flat Lookup.

Considering the above scenario i need all the record values from the flat look up for the non Qualifier field.Pl help me in retreiving these values using MDM-JAVA API

I need to populate these values into a Dropdown in the HTML front end .

Thanks in advance

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I would suggest you use the CatalogData.getResultSet(Search search, ResultSetDefinition rsd, String sortField, boolean sortAscending, long page) method which returns an A2iResultSet.

search - used to limit the number of records

rsd - defines which fields are returned in the resultset.

sortField - by which field the records are sorted

page - the page number (use 0 to return all records)

When creating the search object, just provide the table name and don't specify any search parameters. This will return all records from the table you specified.

Hope this helps,