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Issue Import/Export program for Query definition

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HI Expert's,

we have query import and export program for query defination..we are exporting query definition from one enviornment and importing query definition to another enviorment.. while importing we are facing problem like

overwriting existing Global / Local Key Figures with userid and change date also becz query have already g/l i dont need to overite if exist..and new Global / Local Key Figures are created if does not exist.

can u plz advice how can i rectify this error.

appraciate for quick response

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Answers (2)

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In trasport connections under rsa1

drag the query and there u have an option to select required objects to transport...



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Hi Sara,

In my opinion, the best way is to use an ABAP program to perform it.

Firstble, you create an event. This event will be triggered while you import a query into your environnement.

This event will launch the created ABAP Program, and this program compares the content of your imported query with the existant in your environnement, like this way:

Select all key figures from tables (your environnement)

select key figures from your imported query

Compare the key figures (you can use internal tables)

If key figues not exist ---> Copy it

If Key figure exists --> Exit

You can find in SDN, some informations about the storage tables of differents objects, it will help you to develop your code.

It's just an idea, you can find better solutions.

Hope it helps.

Best regards,