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How to split parameter and use each separate parameter in formulae

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I used three Commands in main report without linking, passed the parameter with multivalued.

In detail section Im using below Concatenation formula

Shared StringVar ConCat;
If ConCat = "" then ConCat := {Command.ext_name}

else if not({Command.ext_name} in ConCat) then ConCat := ConCat +'<br>'+ {Command.ext_name}

Now I need to Split the parameters and break this Statement for each parameter

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Having multiple commands in a report is NOT recommended. See Best Practices When Using Commands with Crystal for information about why. Also, parameters for commands should be created in the Command Editor and, if they're going to be the same parameters between commands, they need to be created with the same name for each command.

The best practices link above will also get you information about how to create and use parameters in commands. For multi-select parameters, you'll use syntax like:

field in {?MyMultiParameter}

in the where clause of your command to filter the data.