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FedML SAP Datasphere & Databricks


Hello everyone,

I am interested in applying FedML to Datasphere data in Databricks and subsequently deploying the inference results back into Datasphere, while also deploying the Machine Learning Model to SAP Kyma. Before proceeding, I have several technical questions that I would like clarified:

1) When I call an SAP Datasphere View for consumption in Databricks using SQL, does the data remain solely in SAP Datasphere, or is it also replicated into Databricks via the "select" command?

2) Is the configuration for the DBConnection between SAP Datasphere and Databricks the same as the connection setup between Databricks and SAP Kyma?

3) Can inference be performed on the deployed model within SAP Kyma?

4) Apart from Azure, Amazon, and Google, are there any other hyperscalers supported by Databricks that I might be overlooking?

I am looking forward to your responses. Thank you in advance.

Best regards from Germany.

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