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Dynamic work processes

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According to excellent blog post

by Ishteyaque Ahmad,

in NetWeaver 7.3 we have the possibility of using dynamic work processes.

I have been thinking about possible use cases for the technique.

When would You use dynamic work processes?

Anyone used the technique anywhere?

I have doubts, because: in such cases, where all work processes have been exhausted, the bottleneck normally ISN'T in the work processes, but rather in the database or the work processes inter-locking each other. In this case, adding new work processes would actually make the situation worse, am I right.

On the other hand, in virtualized environments, the memory consumed by the dynamically added work processes will be released to be used  by other server instances after stopping the processes, right?

Please share your thoughts.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I haven't used them but In my opinion and based on the theory this is not design to firefight a performance problem. I can see it been useful when a requirement for extra update or background processes is in place and its the reduction of dialog processes is not an option. I centainly wouldn't relay on it if the system resources are already compromised 😄

Regards, Juan

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Samuli,

Perhaps you may have already gone through this link:

As you rightly mentioned the database would most probably be a bottleneck during a performance problem, but as per the help portal the basic aim of dynamic work processes seems to be able to get the SAP system use any newly added hardware resources without a restart. The work process deadlock seems avoidable with the dynamic work process as dispatcher is able to recognize deadlocks and start new work processes. It would be interesting to try this but unfortunately not having a SAP Netweaver 7.3 system play around yet