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Hello all,
I have a small problem regarding a dropdownlist in a tableView. The table is printed to me without any problems, all values are displayed and saved correctly, but one column is supposed to contain a dropdownlist. This is not the problem at first, the field is now correctly displayed as a dropdownlist, but unfortunately completely without values.

Exactly here is now my problem. I have now already searched several forums, tutorials, etc. to find a suitable solution unfortunately so far without much success. I would be very happy if I could find a solution to the problem here.

But now once the technical:
I am working in MVC, on the page itself I have created the following tableView.

<htmlb:tableView id = "tv1"

table = "//model/it_tab"

iterator = "<%= iterator %>" />

In the controller, the columns are then first defined via ~GET_COLUMN_DEFINITIONS. This works without further problems.

In the method ~RENDER_CELL_START I gave most of the fields an input field, which also worked without problems, but now to the actual problem.

IF p_column_key = "COLUMN_KEY.

"it_content is of type tihttpnvp, so it has the column names
"column names NAME and VALUE. Each record has the same value
"the column NAME the same value "test", the Value value
" is different for each record.

GET REFERENCE OF it_content INTO DATA(tab_ref).

p_replacement_bee = cl_htmlb_dropdownlistbox=>factory(

id = p_cell_id

table = tab_ref

nameofkeycolumn = 'NAME'.

nameofvaluecolumn = 'VALUE' ).


In theory I would have said that values should now be visible, but this is not the case. I hope a member may be able to help me with this problem. Thanks in advance!

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