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BR0970W Database administration alert - level: WARNING, type: IN_WRONG_TABLESPACE, object: (index)

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I have a number of entries in CheckDB job for tables and indexes in wrong tablespaces. I can appreciate that these are only warning and with virtual drives probably not that important. I also know that this alert can be switched off. We are on an oracle database and I have corrected all the database errors using the following command:
alter table SAPSR3.TTREE move tablespace PSAPSR3750;

The command for the index from my old notes does not seem to be working, the command I have is:

alter index "SAPSR3.TTREE^0" rebuild tablespace PSAPSR3750;

The error I am seeing is ORA-01418: specified index does not exist. Does anyone have any idea what the command would be to move the index to the same tablespace?


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Normally username and index should all have double quote, like: "SAPSR3"."Indexname" ==> but this is case sensitive Or try sapsr3.indexname