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In this blog I would like to show you how you can get your first impressions of the SAP Application Interface Framework 2.0 right after installation. With the SAP Application Interface Framework an example of an interface creating flight bookings is delivered. This interface is using the runtime and persistence of the SAP Application Interface Framework.


  • Make sure that you have completed the post-installation steps.
    • Transport the delivered default customizing into target client. This is necessary since the default customizing will only be available in client 000.
    • Generate number ranges with report /AIF/GENERATE_NUMBER_RANGE
  • Since the interface is using the flight model, you should check that enough valid data exists in your system. In case there is no data, the flights are out-of-date, or all flights are fully booked you can use transaction BC_DATA_GEN to (re-)generate data.

Process Data:

Access the customizing for the SAP Application Interface Framework by calling transaction /AIF/CUST and go to customizing activity Interface Development->Define Interfaces and insert Namespace /AIF/. An interface FLBOOKING with interface version 1 should be displayed.

To send test data to this interface call transaction /AIF/PERS_TEST. You can use the default entries of the screen to process data with interface /AIF//FLBOOKING/1. Click the execute button to sent data.

Monitoring and Error Handling

After the data has been processed you should be able to see the data messages in Monitoring and Error Handling. Call transaction /AIF/ERR and select namespace /AIF/, interface name FLBOOKING and version 1. In the status selection click Select All button. Click Execute.

The data messages you just processed should be selected and displayed in the Monitoring and Error Handling. You can expand the tree in Data Messages view to display the single messages. Note that the messages will be grouped by airline ID, since an interface specific key field was customized. When you select one or multiple messages the structure of the message will be displayed in Data Structure view. Furthermore, the log messages written during processing of the data message will be displayed in Log Messages view. If you double click structure BOOKING in Data Structure view, the content of the selected data message(s) will be loaded into Data Content view. Below you can have a look at the layout of the Monitoring and Error Handling transaction.

If errors occured during processing of some messages you can try to restart and cancel those messages.

Interface Specific Selection Screen

If you restart transaction /AIF/ERR and insert interface /AIF//FLBOOKING/1 on the selection screen you will realize that an additional sub-selection screen will be displayed. This sub-selection screen is specific for the selected interface. You can use the sub-selection screen to restrict the data messages that should be selected. For example, if you enter Airline "LH" only the flight bookings for Lufthansa flights should be selected.