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Deploying SAP Edge Integration Cell Playground

Are you intrigued by the potential of SAP Edge Integration Cell (EIC) but unsure where to start? Dive into my latest blog where we embark on a personal journey to deploy EIC with minimal effort and cost. This isn't your standard deployment guide; it'...

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Gunter by Product and Topic Expert
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HANA with odbc on Ubuntu 12.04

BackgroundRecently I'm kinda of fancy with Nodejs, but as you know that nodejs doesn't support many RDBMS. I know node can connect to MySQL and mongoDB but definitely not HANA, since no one write a drive base on hana database. I'm not an expert of HA...

SAP BTP ABAP Environment – Release 2405

As follow-up to our previous release 2402, this blog post provides an update to our most recent release 2405, which is available for customers and partners on May 18th/ 19th. Please enjoy my little overview of the most important features.Many thanks ...

SAP BTP and Third-Party Cookies Deprecation

Are You Affected by the Third-Party Cookie Deprecation?As you may already be aware, browser manufacturers are ending support for third-party cookies. A prominent example is Google Chrome’s deprecation of third-party cookies. We are working to ensure ...


Using URL parameters in SAP Build Apps

Intro Imagine you've created an app that shows objects (it's data) from your backend system, allowing some data manipulation. However, each time you open the app, you must find or select an object. While this works well in many cases, there are situa...

Develop with Joule in SAP Build Code

Authors: @ale_biagi | @YatseaLiThis blog post is part of a webinar series to show you how to explore the Generative AI capabilities of SAP AI Foundation on SAP BTP, along with proof of concepts in the form of use cases. You will have the opportunity ...

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ale_biagi by Product and Topic Expert
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