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Dear All,

We recently released the new version of SAP Workforce Performance Builder (WPB) – please find the corresponding announcement here.

Brandon Hall awarded the former version of WPB with the Gold Award in the area of Performance Support technology, and now the evolution has reached the next level. The latest version of our “WPB navigator” comes along with several advancements to support users even faster, and increase the productivity significantly.

Have a look at this great introductory video which focusses on some of the new features, presented by one of our experts – Michael Fritz: SAP Workforce Performance Builder 9.4, navigator option.

You will learn about:

  • WPB navigator user interface – a completely renewed UI to accelerate content access, search, sharing, and requesting missing content
  • WPB navigator caching – for improved support of global rollouts
  • WPB navigator search – to speed up access to required content, even outside the contextualized assets (incl. third party contents)
  • WPB navigator book pages – to provide most flexible and interactive content in a top-most way – maximizing user experience and adoption
  • General Performance Supporting topics, i.e. best practices and tips & tricks

Also, please have a look at the “WPB 9.4 What’s New PPT” to learn more about all the new innovations.

All the best,


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