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This was an SAP Webcast last month by Tim Breitweiser, SAP. Tim leads SAP Learning Hub globally

Source: SAP

New format for eBook, succeeding Flip book

Card concept

New on-boarding curriculum on Learning Hub

Source: SAP

Learning Hub is complemented by Live Access, on live SAP training system, to allow learners to follow exercises

Basis for validating knowledge

Source: SAP

Accessible from anywhere

Source: SAP

First 3 components in Learning Hub subscription

Live Access complementary

Source: SAP

Up to 10 languages

2M course enrollments

300 training systems in Live Access

Numbers vary over time

Source: SAP

Revamped home space

New e-book

Successor of FlipBook

Source: SAP

New books in new format – Q2

Migrate existing to this format

Source: SAP

It use UI5 technology

Demo of new ebook

Card Learning at Learning Hub

Source: SAP

Card component common in industry

Easier navigation to desired content

Source: SAP


Beginning to mid of Q3

For new course production

Source: SAP

Cards are container for content

Fully mobile enabled

Source: SAP

Demo of card


Source: SAP

New in July

Harmonized format

Gamification at Learning Hub

Source: SAP

Source: SAP

Question & Answer
Q: What’s the name of the app for SAP Learning Hub for iPhone in AppStore?

A: Successfactors Moblie App

Q: This new format looks great. When can we expect to count on this available?

A: expected in June

Q: Is any of the content available for download, or only possible to print single pages?

A: yes with the new handbook format you can also download the handbooks to a mobile device (android or iphone/ipad)

Q: ok and if they are downloaded would they be available offline?

A: Correct, on your mobile device

Q: what would be your recommendation for a new person who is joining SAP world. take an academy or take learning hub for certification ?

A: I would suggest starting with basic SAP overviews, such as SAP01

You can search for the course in the Learning Hub – Academy training is aimed at implementation consultants so depending on your role this may be relevant. But you can

do all academy training in SAP Learning Hub via Learning Rooms for Certification

Q: What is the solution behind SAP Learning Hub? Is it SuccessFactors LMS or something else?

A: Correct – we are using a standard cloud instance of SAP Successfactors Learning

For SAP Learning Rooms we are using SAP Jam

Q: However it looks very much different from what is offered to customers

A: Both solutions are tightly integrated from a learner’s perspective with search etc.

Q: when will gamification be available?

A: start Q3, target September with global rollout

Q: what will be the benefits of collecting points?

A: we will later tie points to benefits and rewards – the dates for those to be confirmed

Q: Can you share more about SAP Learning Room Video Channels?

A: recently launched, crowd sourced option

People provide, upload to LR

Not professionally done

Launched 2 weeks ago