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This past week, SAP’s Sue Martin (Global Certification Director) and Tim Breitwieser  (Global Education Portfolio Manager) provided an ASUG webcast regarding the SAP Certification program and what is new with the BusinessObjects Certification Program. This webcast was hosted by the ASUG BusinessObjects Strategic Special Interest Group.


Sue explained that they are transforming the certification program with input from various user groups. 


Figure 1: Source SAP


Figure 1 shows what SAP is trying to achieve with certification.   Certification is to ensure skill quality. 

SAP is looking at what they can improve and enhance through global certification, recognizing the speed of change in the SAP world, and what can apply in marketplace to ensure implementation projects are on time.

Several changes are being made based on feedback.  They have moved to a job-task analysis rather than product-function-feature test.  They want real life experience and not just based on training.

What are the mission critical tasks that you need to know – implementation, optimization, running.  They want to include relevant practice experience.

In the cecond area, transformation, they obtained stakeholder feedback via surveys from 12000+ who have been certified – what has it done for your career path, competitive advantage and drive recognition for your SAP skills.



Figure 2, Source: SAP


In the past, certifications were based on implementations and now they want to move to a plan-build-run and focus on the advanced experience levels.  Multiple certification levels arose from this.  Sue said they are working with the Certification Influence Council and more flexible delivery capabilities through the VUE test centers.


Figure 3, Source: SAP


Figure 3 shows the 3 tiers of certification.  Master level is not available yet.


Figure 4: Source: SAP


Sue said SAP has worked internally to get its own consultants certified (left of Figure 4).  They are focusing on increasing the value of certification.


Figure 5: Source: SAP

Sue said since SAPPHIRE Orlando they have had a Certification Influence Council (CIC), to help determine the strategic direction of the program and to give insight to pain points.  They met face to face in Madrid and have task forces to drive improvement.


Figure 6, Source: SAP

Figure 6 shows the initial requirements and response; people wanted a faster certification exam.  SAP’s response was to offer a HANA certification exam with a short ramp-up time and looking at how to generally accelerate process.   SeeGain a Competitive Edge with SAP HANA Certification from SAP Educationre: SAP HANA certification.


Figure 7, Source: SAP


Figure 7 shows the CIC task forces. 

The Awareness  task force is getting the word out on what is included in the certification program

Education & portfolio ensures that job task analysis is validated

Certification Level  looks at when is the right time, format for certifications.


BusinessObjects Certification Program

Figure 8: Source, SAP


Figure 8 shows that SAP is emphasizing  role-based education.  Training is also available in virtual classrooms.


Figure 9, Source: SAP


Figure 9 shows coverage of existing solutions and the new BI solution and training via multiple delivery channels


Figure 10, Source: SAP

Figure 10 shows 3 BI 4.0 certifications available.  You can go to this link for sample exams.  Also review this link and search by BusinessObjects.


Figure 11, Source: SAP

Exam is 80 questions and multiple choice

Crystal 2011 sample questions can be found here

Link to the training catalog for Crystal Reports 2011 can be found here


Figure 12, Source: SAP

Figure 12 shows Web Intelligence – based on a 3 day class.  BOW315 and BOW325 are e-learning courses.  Link to sample questions can be found here.

This is the Web Intelligence certification link is here.


Figure 13 Source: SAP


Figure 13 shows the BI Platform (formerly known as BusinessObjects Enterprise) exam.  BOE315 and BOE325 are offered as e-learning. Link to the training catalog can be found here.


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