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Hi. I am new to the forum.  I have followed SAP for at least 30 years. I was told about the integration capabilities.  As a programmer since 1979, I have always tried to find simple solutions for small business.  I am back on the research of SAP and alerted to a position for an SAP developer on Indeed.  I need to find a way to integrate business functions into the enterprise system.  We are using multiple 2-party and 3-party programs to operate and for our clients. I am ready to explore the options to do so.  I will be studying SAP for the rest of the year to see how it can assist me in the integration project.  

I guess I will get to meet everyone soon. SAP is a very large organization.  So I guess I may not meet everyone in my lifetime.  Again, Thanks for having me. 


Brian E Taylor 


Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Welcome to the EC&O Community Brian.

Start your integration journey here:

And check out the broader community at

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Brian - let us know if you run into any roadblocks in your studies.