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Request to host a CodeJam in Austria


Dear CodeJam Team,

we’d love to host a CodeJam in Austria

  • Location: Wels, Austria
  • Requested Topic: As it would be one of the first CodeJams in the upper austrian region ABAP Cloud & ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model would certainly attract most community members.
    Other great learning opportunity could be a CodeJam towards integration topics involving S/4 backend systems.
  • Time frame –  we are open
  • Contact details @fem or directly to

Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate

Sounds great.  I've recorded your request and there is enough information here to get started from our side. As your date is open, we will probably to look to something later in the year. We are fast approaching the summer vacation season in Europe and I know most people want to wait until after that for their events at this point.  We will be in touch to discuss dates in a few weeks.  We have a cluster of events forming for that time period in Europe.


Thomas Jung