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Once again, the Romanian community passionate about SAP technologies got together in the lovely city of Timisoara for a weekend packed with learning, sharing and networking.

As with any community event, this would have not been possible without our amazing sponsors. We are extremely grateful to Accenture for supporting us and covering most of the costs involved. Additionally, we would like to thank msg Systems for covering last minute costs on such a short notice. And, finally, Espresso tutorials for their support.

The numbers

In SIT tradition we tried to collect and aggregate some data about the participants (of course, everything is GDPR compliant). In terms of registered participants and show-up rate, we noticed an improvement from last year. We were amazed to see that SAP enthusiasts travelled to Timisoara from 5 different Romanian cities to spend the weekend with their peers, which is the whole reason why we started this thing.

We see that our gender diversity ratio is slightly decreasing from 41% women last year to, still a pretty good, 35% now. If we count Svea Becker’s introduction about the different shades of SAP events, we could say we managed to recruit two female speakers. As homework for us, we will try to improve this for next year’s event.

Before SIT…

We kicked off the weekend a bit earlier with an SAP CodeJam about ABAP in the Cloud. Andre Fischer delivered some interesting insights into what ABAP Cloud Environment offers and what’s coming up next and what ABAP developers should focus on in the nearby future.

As organizers, to have 34 out of 35 people showing up and finishing all the exercises in half of the time was overwhelming. Andre was also surprised and had to quickly react and come up with something else to show us, which he handled very professional.

SAP Inside Track Timisoara

Saturday morning started. Coffee, snacks, lots and lots of enthusiasts. We planned a total of 9 sessions.

We were deeply sorry that our good friend Lars Hvam couldn’t make it to Timisoara and had to spend a whole day in the airport. Nevertheless, we enjoyed 9 sessions from both experienced and newbie speakers.

To prove once again how great community can be, we had to guys, one German, the other Romanian, from different backgrounds, working at different companies and who never met before, that gave a cool session about SAP and Agile.

After SIT…

We are sorry if you didn’t make it this year! Here are the impressions of some of the participants to convince you NOT to miss it next time:

PS: Max was much faster than me in writing some words about the event: