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Post the summer break, we wanted to bring something exciting to the table and rejuvenate our minds and the idea of organizing a SAP CodeJam was nurtured.

The SAP CodeJam circa 2018 offers a choice of four themes from which we picked the theme of Big Data.  Within this theme ,we were excited at the prospect of learning and exploring what SAP offered in terms of machine learning .Hence  SAP Leonardo Machine Learning with SAP HANA was zeroed in as the topic for the CodeJam

We received great support from Krishna Dalal at SAP in organizing the event. We received prompt response to all our queries and inputs from the SAP experts themselves when required.

As the day dawned on the 19th of September , 30 participants with different levels of experience joined the event hosted by Cognizant.The participating expert from SAP was Abdel Dadouche. We kick started the day with Abdel  taking us through a short overview on the SAP Leonardo Innovation portfolio and Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation. He then guided the participants on the objective and workings of a SAP CodeJam.

We were presented with two end to end scenarios to pick from :

  • Leverage SAP HANA machine learning to build a movie recommendation engine

  • Use Machine Learning to Build a Time Series Forecasting App

Both the scenarios involved import and analysis of datasets, use of machine learning algorithms from the SAP HANA APL and PAL libraries and the construction of a simple UI5 application to visualize the results.Most of the participants were completely new to the topic and had issues in setting up the devlopment enviroment, but Abdel was always around to bail them out. Once the participants overcame the challenges of initial setup, they had fun working towards building up the scenario and learning along the way.

Special thanks to Abdel for sharing his knowledge and experiences and helping the participants right through the CodeJam! It was an interesting day with lot of insights into the possibilities on Machine Learning with SAP HANA.

Few snippets from the event:

All eyes for the expert


Coding and collaborating


Coding makes us hungry !!