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Title: SAP CodeJam Sydney - HCP IoT

Date: Wednesday, 27th April 2016

Location: Sydney

Language: English

Hosted by : BISA University of Sydney

No of participants: about 15

On the 27th April, we held a SAP CodeJam for SAP HCP IoT at the University of Sydney in collaboration with the Business Information Systems Association (BISA). It was a fantastic afternoon with participants from various faculties including Commerce and Computer Science.

The students were able to use the Tessel devices for this IoT session with Node.js to execute all the code. There were various modules the students were able to work with which was the most engaging for the students as they were able to really see what happens. For example 'Camera' enabled the students to take photos and the 'GPRS' where students could send text messages to one another. All the participants were really engaged and enjoyed being able to execute pieces of code to make the sensors work, given that most of them have little to no experience with coding.

A special thanks to witalijwho travelled from Poland for this event and the BISA executive team for coordinating the venue and catering logistics as well as promoting and driving attendance from their members.