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13.3 liters of water, 53 cups of coffee, 34 pretzels, 21 developers, 1 topic – so the hard facts of our first SAP CodeJam here in Heilbronn. Not measurable were the countless aha moments and inspirational sparks that arose on that day. Thanks again at this point to Ingo Bräuninger from the SAP and all participants, who have contributed to make this day so enriching and inspiring.

Last Friday, June 9, 2017, we were the first time to host a SAP CodeJam. SAP CodeJams are 5 to 6 hour hands-on coding and networking events. They offer developers a platform to explore the latest SAP technologies and meet other developers of the local coding community. Developed in 2012, they have since developed into a real hit in the scene. No problem at all to get a full house.

Topic of the day was “ABAP for SAP HANA Fundamentals”. In essence, we have dealt with the Code-to-Data Pradigma and the possibilities for developing today with ABAP on HANA and processing complex data operations in the database instead of using the ABAP application server.

After an introduction to the topic by our coach Ingo, it was then to turn up sleeves and get to the code. For the rest of the day, we typed until our fingers sore. In terms of content, we have focussed on the following topics:

  • work with the ABAP Development Tools

  • define ABAP CDS Views

  • develop with ABAP Managed Database Procedures

  • When it was pretty quiet at first, Ingo could hardly save himself from questions soon after.

However, we got to know and talk to each other quickly and discussed possible solutions. All in all, the day ran exactly as we had wanted it: exciting content, high learning curve & interested code colleagues.

We will surely host a CodeJam again, especially since the effort and costs were really limited. We were strongly supported by SAP. Training and coach are free, we had only to organize the catering.

Finally, a few impressions – see you soon then!