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Do you know what’s best way to experience an SAP CodeJam event? By attending an SAP CodeJam (mini-editions) sessions at SAP TechEd. Yes, we are back at SAP TechEd Las Vegas this year and we have more sessions than ever – 49 sessions to be exact!

These sessions will take place in the Developer Garage area on the show floor and will be spread out between three CodeJam (mini-editions) theatres. Each theatre will have 12 laptops and these will be available on a first come, first serve basis so make sure to show up early for the sessions you are interested in.

Not sure what session is for you?

Each session will be categorized by tracks/journeys and session levels.


Here’s a sneak peak of some of the sessions that are being offered:

OPP612 - First Steps with SAP HANA as a Service

Session Level: Discover

Session Track: Cloud (Native) Architectures & Application Landscapes 

Learning Journey: OPP2 - Build Cloud Native Apps with SAP Cloud Platform

Find out how to create an instance of the new SAP HANA service on SAP Cloud Platform and see it in action. Learn how to connect and use the main tools to perform administration tasks. Create a full-stack, cloud native application that leverages some of the advanced analytics features offered by the SAP HANA business data platform.

CGE602 -  Develop Collaborative Business Apps with SAP Web IDE and SAP Jam:

Session Level: Expand your skills

Session Track: Consumer Grade Experience

Learning Journey: CGE2 – Design and Develop SAP Fiori Apps

In this session, get hands-on experience in building a custom, collaborative app with SAPUI5. Using the template and plug-in capability in SAP Web IDE, leverage the power of the SAP Jam Collaboration to create engaging mobile apps that deliver instant business value and drive user adoption.

CNA655 – Getting Started with SAP Cloud Platform, ABAP Environment:

Session Level: Learn

Learning Journey: CNA6 – Move Your ABAP Skills to the Cloud and SAP HANA

Experience SAP Cloud Platform, ABAP Environment from a developer’s perspective. Get the details on how this new offering enables you to easily build innovative cloud applications and helps streamline the transition to the cloud. See how you can use both your existing ABAP expertise and the latest ABAP innovations in the cloud.

DAT645 - Networks in Your Database: Processing Graph Data with SAP HANA:

Session Level: Learn

Session Track: Next-Generation Data Management

Learning Journey: DAT4 – Model and Process Data

Join us to see why you don’t need a PhD to understand and process graph data in SAP HANA. In this session, we take you from processing two vertices connected by the edge to the most common graph algorithms in SAP HANA, using open data in entertaining way.

DAT601 - Introduction to Native Development on SAP HANA Using SAP WebIDE:

Session Level: Explore

Session Track: Next-Generation Data Management

Learning Journey: DAT3 – Build Applications Using SAP HANA Native Development

Join this session to get a first look at SAP Web IDE (full stack) and SAP Web IDE for SAP HANA, both of which support native development on SAP HANA. This is great introduction if you've never had a chance to try these new tools. We will focus on editors and tools specific to SAP HANA in this Web-based development environment.

Have a look at our SAP TechEd Las Vegas CodeJam (mini-editions) session schedule:

October 2, 2018

October 3, 2018

October 4, 2018

You can find a detailed list of all our sessions here.

See you on the show floor!