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We had hosted a series of code jams at General Mills India Pvt. Ltd. from June 18th to June 20th. This is our blog to talk about our experience in our last code jam series session with the topic as “ABAP on HANA”.

The main objective of the code jam event was to offer support to the local online developer community through an offline face-to-face, hands-on coding experience.


Two SAP experts padmashree.b and Venkata Narsimha Rao and 40 motivated participants met there.

After a short introduction about SAP HANA and the new tool (SAP HANA Studio), the participants started with the exercises.

Few of our participants struggled with getting SAP HANA studio installations, but we had expertise from SAP to help the participants resolve their issues.

Code Jam Format

ABAP on HANA CodeJam was more flexible and offered a lot more time (5-6 hours) for playing with the product and asking questions.

The agenda looked like this:

  1. What is CodeJam?
  2. Brief overview of ABAP on HANA
  3. Demo: Essential features
  4. Exercises
  5. Demo: Advanced features + tips and tricks
  6. Exercises


The exercises were a mix between data modeling in HANA Studio and consumption in ABAP. As you might expect, for the data modelling part an ABAP developer has to recall his rusty SQL skills. But even for the ABAP part we needed to learn a few features that SQL has to offer.

Because you want to use the power of the database, you develop your open SQL and do the so called “code push down” (meaning pushing the logic from the ABAP Application Server to the database). So with HANA using native SQL in ABAP is not evil anymore.


It was all about ABAP on HANA, exploring the new possibilities the platform offers to develop ABAP applications by leveraging the capabilities of SAP HANA. The developers were introduced to the “ABAP Development Tools” aka “ABAP in Eclipse” –Additionally, the content included few getting-started tutorials of ABAP on SAP HANA – optimizing the performance of ABAP report using Open SQL, basics of HANA modeling and its consumption in ABAP.

Awesome Food

This session was then followed by delicious food. Biryani along with Kala Jamun on Fridays brought a smile on everyone’s face. Pictures say it all :smile: :smile: :smile:


  Overall experience of the session was fantastic. We had confident developers walking out from the room with more knowledge about ABAP on HANA and a lot less confusion about where to and how to look for more learning opportunities...