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Community Manager

We've come a long way since 2012 and we've learned a lot! Almost 9000 people have been part of our little event series called the SAP CodeJam in 46 countries and 119 cities around the world!

Now that's over 250 events!

We've tried things, we've improved things and we've altered things as we have moved along and we've even cancelled a few things like our Virtual format that never really seemed to take off.

We've added new topics like IoT and ABAP with Fiori this year and with this post I'll also be announcing a completely new format that starting today is available to those who make the request.

One constant that we've come across in terms of those requests - people are still amazed that the process for requesting an event is so simple. So to clarify, YES to make a request we just need you to email us at - the bare minimum we need in that email is the topic you've chosen from the list, the location where the event should take place, 3 possible dates for the event and finally how many people you can handle at that location. We need a minimum of 25 and a max of 40 (have more than 40 then ask us for 2 events!) Remember though to give us 6 to 8 week advance notice!

Not sure we'll travel all the way to your city? Provided there is no physical danger to our expert then we'll be there!

I'd also like to take a moment to announce our newest edition to the SAP CodeJam family, now in addition to our SAP CodeJam events and the SAP CodeJam mini edition found at the SAP TechEd events were are happy to announce the SAP CodeJam exclusive edition!

The „exclusive edition“ offers individual organisations a chance to let their own development teams come together with SAP experts for a 2 day combination event. These combination events allow SAP experts to show up to 50 developers from a specific organisation new technologies from SAP and how those technologies may work together with their existing systems.

The event format is specifically ONLY for the requesting organisation and their employees. SAP will send our experts to your location at our own expense, however all additional costs and logistics are the responsibility of the requesting organisation.

What will we need for a request for this new format?

  • Name of your organisation
  • Number of participating employees (up to 50)
  • 3 Possible dates for this 2 day event series
  • Physical Address of where it should take place
  • Company logo (we’d like to include it in our graphic and on our website if that is acceptable)
  • Topic series of choice

Choices for the topic series at this time are somewhat limited and future topics could be added.

  • Series: SAP HANA Cloud Platform & SAP IoT Services
  • Series: SAP HANA XS & SAP HANA XS with UI5
  • Series: SAP UI5 with SAP WebIDE & SAP Gateway
  • Series: ABAP in Eclipse & ABAP for HANA Fundamentals
  • Series: ABAP for SAP HANA Fundamentals & ABAP for SAP HANA with Fiori
  • Series: SAP Lumira & SAP Lumira with BW

Upon approval of your request you will be sent a registration link for your employees to register that we are then able to communicate with them prior requirements and information related tot he upcoming event.

We are accepting requests on a daily basis! So be sure to make your requests soon!