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Z, gz, ZIP: A bit of a compression eyechart

As I browse online analyses of a compromised compression algorithm library, my mind drifted back to the early days of free UNIX and open source software, particularly the "birth" of GNU Z, the LZW algorithm, and the refreshing alternative "zip."My fi...

JimSpath by Active Contributor
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Kyma Environment Variables xsuaa destination instance destination binding connectivity proxy binding connectivity proxy binding deployment call destination get token test curl --location --re...

Resolved! Can't Open Kyma runtime console

Tutorials: -------------------------- In step two of this tutorial I must "Open Kyma runtime console UI" but this does not work. 1st I get in a flash this picture: ...but i...

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Resolved! Using Python 3.8 in Kyma Functions

Hi, when creating a kyma function (just the "hello world" template) with python 3.8 , the deployment takes forever (i.e. fails with error) and does not succeed. Where wuld I look for the logs and what might be wrong ? Any help appreciated. Reg...

SAP Commissions Python API

HI, I've written a Python wrapper for the SAP Commissions REST API, it's currently hosted on GitHub. If you're interested, give it a spin, I would appreciate your feedback! Kind regards, Niels Perfors

PerforsN by Participant
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Upgrade Kernel

Hello, I just upgraded my SAP Kernel to 7.85 on EHP7 for SAP ERP 6.0. I did a disp+work and received the following error. Has anyone see this before? ./disp+work: /lib64/ version `GLIBC_2.15' not found (required by ./disp+work) ./disp...

Background sync with pwa in angular

I have use springBoot for backend and angular for frontend to perform form data send from angular to springboot to database. I use pwa for web apps and offline syncronization( when internet is not available then form data move to indexed db and the...