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Dear Readers,

Certainly! Making fields mandatory in SuccessFactors Performance Templates is an important aspect to ensure data consistency and completeness.



SuccessFactors Performance Templates provide a flexible framework for managing performance reviews and goals. By making certain fields mandatory, you can enforce data entry requirements and ensure that critical information is captured consistently across the organization.


Please find the step by step process below...


Step 1- Access the Performance Template: Log in to SuccessFactors and navigate to the Admin Center. Go to the Manage Templates.

Locate the desired template and click on the Edit icon to modify it. This will open the template in the editing mode.


Step 2- Identify the Field: Determine which field(s) you want to make mandatory within the template. It could be a standard field or a custom field that you've added to the template.

Click any Sections > Click on show Advanced options

Step 3: Click Required Field Permission to make fields mandatory while submitting form to next step.

Send Actions : here we will get two options

  • Next Step : Choose if the form is in modify stage and the fields has to be made mandatory

  • Sign : Choose if the form is in Signature stage and the fields has to be made mandatory

Roles : To choose the roles who needs to edit the field

Route Steps: To choose at which step the field should be mandatory

Fields: To choose which field should be mandatory to fill

Step 4: At Last,Close the pop-up window and Save the Template.

Step 5: Launch the form and Test it.


Summary :

With this article you would be able to understand how to make field mandatory in performance template.

please note the images added in the blog are from our demo instance.

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Remember to refer to the official SuccessFactors documentation or consult with your system administrator for specific instructions based on your organization's configuration.