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Invoice split

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We have problem in normal scenario.

Our requirement is to have one invoice for two different deliveries.( two deliveries belongs to two separate sales orders )

All the header data is same.

At the time of creating billing document from two delivery documents (VF01), System is showing split analysis as follows

Split due to different header data

Fld Name $000000001 $000000002

Number of foreign trade data i 0000003421 0000003422

How to get rid of this

The number 3421 & 3422 are seen in the delivery document – foreign trade data – organization

Pl. help.


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Answers (6)

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This is the standard behaviour as the delivery document is having the different EXNUM field value so whenever you will create the invoice, it will split on the basis on this field.

In order to avoid the split, it is possible to create your own

copy routine eg: copy routine 003 Header/dlv.-related where you can initialise the VBRK-EXNUM field therefore avoiding the split.



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Hi Ravi,

Your ABAPer cld fix this problem. This can be controlled in the routine 007 Copy control from delivery document to the billing document. Show him this message and ask him to find the relavant code in the routine 007.



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Dear Ravi

Go to VTFL, select your billing type and delivery type and click on one magnifying lens at top left. On your right side, there is a field "Deter.export data", where maintain blank field and now retry. I think, you are maintaining "B" there and hence the invoice split.


G. Lakshmipathi

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Hola G. Lakshmipathi,

I do it your punctual recommendation and now all is working very well.

Thanks so much for your help!!

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Only appreciation but no compliments with points ?? )

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Hello Ravi, just I whan to know if you receive more specific help about of topic invoice split, my question is because I have the same problems currently, but is strange because is just with one customer!!

Thanks a lot in advance and greetings from Puebla México!!

IT Departament

Edgardo Peña Pavón

Project Leader SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) + EDI

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if you want to do the combined billing fo VF04. there you can choose the different deliveries. but invoice would be one for them. For it the header data must be same. And billing due date, payer, country should be same.

regards rp

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If you want to guarantee that invoices are created separately according to certain criteria, you can do this by defining certain split criteria. The following is an example of invoices split by material group:


In Customizing for copying control, you can specify requirements for splitting to prevent sales orders or deliveries from being combined into a collective billing document.


As a rule, the system combines into one billing document all transactions for the same customer, default billing date and sales organization.

If data from the related reference documents differs in the header fields of the billing document, the system will automatically split the invoice.

An order contains terms of payment at header as well as item level. These are stored only at header level in the billing document, however. If there are different terms of payment in the reference documents, an invoice split will always be made.

If data from the related reference documents differs in the item fields of the billing document, the system does not split the invoice.

The order basis is stored at header level in the order and at item level in the billing document. The system does not split the invoice. If you require an invoice split, you must first define the appropriate split requirements in Customizing for copying control. Copying control depends on the following criteria:

Billing Document Type

reference document type (i.e. type of order, delivery or billing document on which the sales document is based)

item category in the reference document

You can also display a split analysis to discover why an invoice split has occurred.

Split Analysis