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Create condition table

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Can anybody explain how to create a condition table in a detailed manner step by step?

Thanks in advance for the answers.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You can change and maintain the condition tables in the standard system. You can also create new condition tables to meet the needs of your own organization. You create and maintain condition tables in Customizing.

From the initial screen of Customizing for Sales and Distribution, you reach the condition table screens by choosing Basic functions --> Pricing -->Pricing Control -->Define condition tables. Then select the mode you want to work with (create, change, display).

ou can create new condition tables to meet the pricing needs of your organization. When you create a new condition table, you select a combination of fields from the list of allowed fields. The selected fields define the key for the subsequent condition records.

Before you select the fields for the key, there are two things to consider:

  • The sequence (or hierarchy) of the fields

  • Which fields you want to appear in the header and item areas of the corresponding fast-entry screens

Important Fields

In sales, the fields you should take into consideration are Sales organization and Distribution channel. The sales organization is nearly always used as a criteria in pricing, because different sales organizations often want to use their own prices, discounts, and surcharges. If you use the sales organization as a criterion in pricing, you should also use the distribution channel. If you do not want to establish different prices, discounts, and surcharges for each distribution channel, use the field anyway. In Customizing for Sales, you can use one distribution channel as a reference for all others (thereby sharing the same pricing data).

Deciding the Sequence of Fields

The order of the fields in a condition table affects the performance of the system during pricing. Two general guidelines will help you create an efficient condition table:

1. If you select fields that are connected to the structure of your organization (for example, sales organization and distribution channel), assign the fields according to the level of general applicability: Put the most general field, for example, the sales organization in the highest position and the most specific field in the lowest.

2. After organizational fields, place fields from the document header before those that come from the item level. (For example, Customer comes before Material)

After you have selected the fields for the key on the screen where you maintain and define condition tables, choose F16 Generate to generate the table in the system. Generation prepares the condition table for storing condition data.

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Dear Hikmet Akcali,

A small search on SD forum will give you lot of ideas on this.

I will suggest you to visit It will give you the overview of SAP SD module.

Moreover there is a separate section of FAQs with answers which will help you in great deal.

Hope this helps you.

Do award points if you found them useful.



P.S. you can send me a mail at my mail id for any specific details

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give the con table number whcih u want to create ...ex ( 970)

then select the fields from your right hand side i.e from field catalog.( if u cant find ur field press pagedown )

ex sales org ( first feild )

distribution channel ( second feild )

and then on top menu press generate button ( red n white colour )

then a mnasage cmes table generated.

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Just an additional note on what Kiran has mentioned.

The fields you want need to be available in field catalog.If not you need to add fields to field catalog to use them.



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In fact I have problem after pushing the generate button. A smaller windows appears after pushing the red "Generate" button. "Create Object Directory Entry" is written at the top of this window. There I need to choose a package but I have no I idea about this (what package is, what it stands for and what I shuld do before choosing on in order to choose a package).

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From where can I manage / customize the field catalog?

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well mate .........this is the reason y i ddint tell u abt adding a field to field catalog coz its very very serious job anyways if u wnt to then here it is how its done

to add this field, check the structure KOMG, whether you have the relevant field. If you have this field in KOMG, then simply go to field catalog -> say new entries and add your field to it.

If in case the field you are talking about is not in structure KOMG. then you will have to append this structure with the new field. appending is very simple. If its a header field then you will have to add it to Include KOMKAZ (pls check - i dont remember exactly) and if it is item field then add it to Include KOMPAZ. once they are added to the include, you will have to add them to the allowed fields in field catalog.

Probably you also have to activate the user exit pricing prepare for KOMP/KOMK, assign a value to your new field.


and if u get this pacage problem thers is this local object button in tht window jus tpress it ..

ur customztion wld b done