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Tutorial Create and Run ABAP App not valid for ABAP BTP



I'm trying to follow the tutorial to get some extra points and I noticed that is oriented to OnPrem systems since it requests to create an ABAP Program which is not possible (as far as I know) in a Steampunk instance.

I have access to onPrem instances to complete it but just a heads up for everyone.


David R. 


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yes I also noticed this and I don't have access to onPream, but I was able to go thru the tutorials by creating a class with if_oo_adt_classrun instad of a program. Of course I wasn't able to do everything exactly at described in the tutorials - like create ALV output.

Also the tutorial Display Database Content and Run SQL Queries  is running on a table that does not exist in my setup, so I just started by creating a z-table and use that in the tutorial.

With a little creativity it is possible to finish all the Monday week  40 ABAP tutorials - maybe not following the exact steps of the tutorials, but similar, just a little modified, steps.